Faith & Athletics

At Mount St. Mary’s University we have the ability to present an athletic experience distinct from the vast majority of other institutions.  We strive to provide the opportunity for our student-athletes to meaningfully integrate their life as an athlete with their spiritual life.  At its heart, we see sport as a gift, freely given to us by God for our enjoyment, fulfillment, and ultimately as a way for us to grow in love. 

We believe there is a freedom to be gained, both in sport and in our faith, when we empower our student athletes to integrate their spiritual lives with their athletics.  We seek to develop student-athletes who can use their sport as a model to commit themselves to living in relationship with God.  Simultaneously we endeavor to teach our student-athletes how their relationship with God can help them become better athletes: finding joy and athletic success in their sports.

This is a significant undertaking for an athletic department!  It requires a collaborative effort on the part of the athletic department staff, our Sport Chaplaincy Program, and our Varsity Catholic Missionaries.