This is our big 2017 campaign looking to unite all former players

Purpose: To get ALL former Mount Men’s Soccer alumni to contribute by supporting the men’s soccer program. We are most effective when we all band together and speak with one clear voice. As the saying goes, “There’s strength in numbers”…

Goal: To raise $100,000+ in small donations, with 100% participation. The ask is $480 by December 31, $240 due by June 1st.

Strategy: This is your chance to say "I helped bring our program back to MY SCHOOL." You Mount Captains will reach out to players from their respective teams and encourage them to give to this campaign. That averages out to roughly one captain per 5 players, so we should be able to reach everybody.

If you have any questions about this campaign, please reach out to the team captains or send an email to We look forward to seeing you soon!